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Champagne Marteaux Guillaume Infusion Rose Brut NV
$49 $100 Retail 51 percent off
Champagne Marteaux Guillaume Infusion Rose Brut NV  - Last Bubbles

Champagne Marteaux Guillaume Infusion Rose Brut NV Brand new 97 point score for this fantastically layered, deeply vinous, and fully delectable Champagne rosé…the BEST rosé I’ve tasted this year!

$49 $100 Retail 51 percent off
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Flavor Profile:  Umeboshi plums, copper, smoky flint, dried cherry, crushed raspberry, lemongrass, and slivered almonds

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Time on Lees:  72 months

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Disgorgement Date:  March 2023

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Dosage:  6 grams per liter

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Farming Method: Biodynamic Practices

Champagne Marteaux Guillaume Infusion Rose Brut NV  - Last Bubbles

Why we love it...

I’m notoriously tough on Champagne rosé – just ask anyone in my tasting group. It’s not that I have anything against the color pink – but more often than not, Champagne rosé tends to be more expensive, less complex, and more likely to leave this bubble monster woefully unfilled. (Just my opinion, obviously...) But this!!! I bowed at the feet of Guillaume Marteaux when I tasted this – prostrate and moaning “mea culpa, mea culpa!” In my book, Champagne rosé doesn’t get better than this!

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In the gorgeous Marne Valley, and the tiny village of Bonneil, we braved a fierce tempest that was almost too much for our little rental car just to visit Champagne Marteaux Guillaume. And what a treat it was! Bonneil is almost perfectly flat, running alongside the right bank of the Marne River, but with the majority of its vineyards resting on a steep slope that horseshoes around the village on the other side. The sun was shining gloriously, but the wind was howling and the chill was brisk – and we eagerly sought refuge in the cellar. Even without power, as Guillaume guided us through his facility with a flashlight, it was obvious that this is a no-frills, efficient, and effective workspace – not nearly as large as a grand estate in Bordeaux, nor as fancy, but thoughtfully lain out, and perfect for his small and singular production.

He works all his vineyards – 54 small parcels scattered across the hillside of Bonneil – organically and biodynamically, in tune with the fluctuations of the seasons and the moon, and speaks of his vines as though they were people. He gives them potions and tinctures when they are stressed or overworked, he lets them tell him when the fruit is ready to be tasted or harvested, and he painstakingly mixes his own concoctions of natural ingredients to treat their ailments and needs – like some ancient apothecary maven. He even custom-built a case to house and protect his precious compost tea and cow horns that will be ritualistically buried in the vineyards when the time comes – yet for now protected in this treasure chest designed to block the harmful vibrations of nearby power lines or 5G towers. He “energizes” all the water used in his winemaking with a custom-built mixer, as well as all the water that will carry his tinctures and spread them across his vines. This all may seem a bit much to those uninitiated about the methods and madness of biodynamic farming, I get it, but there is no questioning the results. One must remember that farmers are superstitious as a rule, and in a constant state of response and adaptation to the fickle whims of nature – and Guillaume’s obvious passion and considerable efforts are inseparably linked to how he maintains such a unique and top-quality portfolio.

This “Infusion” rosé is made in the rosé de saignée style – wherein the juice is “bled off” from the tank after a full day of macerating on the skins – in this case a blend of some 80% pinot meunier and 20% chardonnay. The co-fermented wine keeps its coppery rose color throughout fermentation and the six years of aging on the lees – as opposed to a traditional sparkling rosé that receives its color from the addition of a red still wine being added at disgorgement. The fruit hails from nearly 60-year-old vines, grown on steeply sloping hillsides of clay, marl, and limestone just a short drive from the winery, and boasts a complexity and intensity like few Champagne rosés I have tasted. Deep and vinous, with a light oxidation note that softens this intense wine perfectly, with a remarkable profile of umeboshi plums, copper, smoky flint, dried cherry, crushed raspberry, lemongrass, and slivered almonds. The mouthfeel showcases tons of structure, with intense and tingly acidity, and the slightest whisper of phenolic bitterness at the close. It’s sharp, yet broad, brawny, and utterly captivating. You’ll want this with food, and I think the pairings for this border on the edge of infinity. Every gourmand, foodie, chef, and more should have a few of these in the rotation – and as the 97 point review states: “It's an exceptional wine and defies gravity for the rosé category.”

We’re thrilled to share this, and other wines from Marteaux Guillaume’s portfolio with you – fantastic stuff, to be certain, from one of Champagne’s most passionate biodynamic growers! Only one other shop in the USA has this – at nowhere near our spectacular price! Get a couple and I promise, you’ll be as enamored as I am!


97 ~ Tasting Panel

"Marteaux's rosé is 80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Chardonnay, and the harvest is 2017. No added red wine. Aged six years with 6g/L dosage and 2,600 bottles produced with 900 imported to the US. Such a precise and laser-focused rosé with delicate red berry aromas, smoky minerals, and nutty notes, and a rich mid-palate balanced by lip-smacking acidity. It's an exceptional wine and defies gravity for the rosé category."

Technical Details



AppellationVallee de la Marne

VarietalChampagne Blends

Blend80% Pinot Meunier and 20% Chardonnay

WinemakerMarteaux Guillaume

Farming MethodBiodynamic Practices


Production220 cases

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About the Producer

Guillaume Marteaux started his own cellar from scratch : he bought a cement mixer on the French craigslist, and it took him 7 years to build his winery. True man of the land, he started with less than one hectare that he purchased from his father, and has grown it to 8.5 hectares today, all located in Boneil, in the Vallee de la Marne. His estate is certified organic since 2022 and farmed biodynamically since 2018. He's confident in the power of the plants for the health of his vineyard and the quality of his grapes, therefore he uses a collection of vegetation such as nettle, horsetail and others. Guillaume makes his own biodynamic preparations, and even has a coffer when he store all the ingredients needed. This coffer is radiation proof, as Guillaume wants the energy of this products to remain as pure as possible. His wines are the genuine reflect of the terroir : no fining, no filtration, no malolactic fermentation.

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