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Champagne Rémy Massin & Fils Pinot Blanc Special Club Extra Brut 2017
$59 $110 Retail 47 percent off
Champagne Rémy Massin & Fils Pinot Blanc Special Club Extra Brut 2017  - Last Bubbles

Champagne Rémy Massin & Fils Pinot Blanc Special Club Extra Brut 2017 Special Club Champagne from one of our all-time favorite producers? Wait… incredibly rare, 100% pinot blanc, from the southern edge of Champagne? All at almost 50% off? Yes, please!

$59 $110 Retail 47 percent off
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Champagne Rémy Massin & Fils Pinot Blanc Special Club Extra Brut 2017  - Last Bubbles
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Flavor Profile:  Golden plums, honeydew melon, ginger

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Time on Lees:  4 years

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Disgorgement Date:  January 2022

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Dosage:  4.5 grams per liter

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Farming Method: Certified Sustainable

Welcome to the Special Club – The Black AMEX of Grower Champagne.

Full transparency… I’ve never, ever, had a bad bottle of Special Club Champagne. The very notion of what makes a wine part of the yearly Special Club offerings is so incredibly pure, it just might be the safest, surest bet in the entire wine world. So… what is Special Club Champagne? Read up on the rigorous selection details here, but basically, it is the highest tier of classification that grower Champagnes can achieve. Part peer review, part expert analysis, all blind. This is the World Cup of grower Champagne. 

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Remy Massin is a family-run producer that can trace its roots on the sunny hillsides of Ville sur Acre, all the way back to 1865. Now, five generations of growing grapes later, this exceptional producer consistently crafts some of our favorite cuvees to be found in any corner of the sparkling wine world. Set in the heart of the Cote de Bar region, this is the southernmost edge of Champagne, closely matching the Kimmeridgian soils of nearby Chablis. Their vineyards are predominantly planted to pinot noir, with about 20% dedicated to chardonnay and a scant 5% set aside for the pinot blanc used to make this cuvee.

Pinot blanc is a lesser known but accepted variety in Champagne – though still incredibly rare to see blended in any amount, and especially as a single varietal to make a top-tier wine like this. The aromatics are so beautifully beguiling…like no other Champagne I’ve ever had. Fresh white flowers – alyssum, jasmine, iceberg roses, then golden plums and honeydew melons with flavors of tangerine, ginger shortbread cookies, and chantilly cream… this is simultaneously laser-focused and remarkably friendly, with a long, electrifying, and spicy finish.

The 2017 release is newly arrived to our warehouse and the anticipation was palpable as we all gathered around to watch the truck unload into our cool room. I really can’t stress enough how rare this is… of the seven varieties allowed in Champagne, pinot blanc, arbane, petit meslier, and pinot gris account for only 0.3% of plantings combined! This is a must-have for any Champagne lover… and at the spectacular price we secured? Grab a handful! 

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AppellationMontagne de Reims

VarietalPinot Blanc

WinemakerCedric Massin

Farming MethodCertified Sustainable


Pair it withFrench Onion Soup

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About the Producer

Since 1820, Ameztoi has been the mos respected producer in the region of Getariako Txakolina. They produce both traditional wines in large barrels and they were the inventor of rosé txakolina and one of the first to do méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines in the region. They own 20 hectares of vineyards planted high on the seaside cliffs of the village of Getaria. Ignacio Ameztoi is fifth generation and has played an important role in the developement and innovation in Getariako Txakolina over the last 10 years.

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