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Vinovore Pét-Nat Rosso Cosmic Juice
$19 $32 Retail 41 percent off
Vinovore Pét-Nat Rosso Cosmic Juice  - Last Bubbles

Vinovore Pét-Nat Rosso Cosmic Juice This delightful, deeply red pét nat is too much fun!

$19 $32 Retail 41 percent off
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Vinovore Pét-Nat Rosso Cosmic Juice  - Last Bubbles
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Flavor Profile:  Rose petals, tangerine zest, pomegranate, sour cherries, rhubarb, cola, cinnamon, and hibiscus agua fresca.

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Time on Lees:  10 months

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Dosage:  3 grams per liter

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Farming Method: Organic Practices

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Giovanni's Quick Thoughts:  “I always enjoyed wine but there was a stigma that surrounded it for me. I felt like the wine world wasn’t for me; I thought it was for rich white guys with their cellars and cigars, but I figured… what did I have to lose?” -Coly Den Haan

Why We Love It...

Vinovore is a rather eclectic Socal based Silver Lake shop born in 2017 that features wines exclusively from female winemakers (amongst other things). They custom bottle a few wines under their own house label, selling most of those on-site and through their wine club. This pét nat is just some tasty, easy sipping juice that we immediately fell head over heels in love with. Then we found out that our favorite (charmingly eclectic) Emilia-Romagna winery, Randi, made it! The universe had spoken… Cosmic Juice belongs here at Last Bubbles!

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Vinovore is a shop I have never had the pleasure to visit in person, but after browsing their site, I promise that will change on my next visit to L.A. – hipster counter-culture, extremely eclectic, and no two ways about it… weirdly cool… or coolly weird, I can’t decide which. Where else could you get a book on feline astrology, a 70s themed pickleball set, a bullet vibrator, and this epically cool bottle of bubbly? (That was a rhetorical question… nowhere else is the only acceptable answer). But for now at least, let’s focus on the wine! 

This deeply red bubbly wine is 100% longanesi grapes – a middle eastern grape that found its home in Ravenna, back in the days when it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. The vines look more like a bramble bush than a modern day grape vine, and it was only some 70 years ago that a man named Antonio Longanesi re-discovered the grape growing up a tree and decided to try and cultivate it on his family’s vineyard. The vine thrived and spread throughout the region, and eventually, in 1999, the local winemaking consortium decided to officially name the grape after him. 

The nose is bright and tart, with rose petals, tangerine zest, pomegranate, and sour cherries. A soft but exuberant mousse bubbles happily away (at least in my bottle... remember to always take care when opening your pét nat as some may be quite energetic to get out of that bottle!) with the wine revealing even more cherry sensations, plus rhubarb, cola, cinnamon, and hibiscus agua fresca. It's delectably ponderous, and clean and pure in the best possible pét natty way! Coly Den Haan is the woman winemaker here, the founder of Vinovore, and a 3rd generation hospitality veteran. She’s incredibly passionate about natural wine – amongst a great deal of other passions. Check out this cool interview with her here. We’re thrilled to support her, and the wine speaks for itself! Under $20 for a pét nat of this quality is a steal, and we’re ecstatic to be the first retailer outside of L.A. to feature it! Not a lot to go around, and the Last Bubbles crew is starting to load up their own carts on this, so get yours now!

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WinemakerGiovanni Randi

Farming MethodOrganic Practices


Pair it withRabbit terrine with cornichons and dijon mustard

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About the Producer

Randi is a family owned winery located in Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and run by mother and son. The estate has always been focused on sustainable agriculture and indigenous varietals and is now practicing organic farming. The Vinovore collection is focused on Ancestral methods of production, a natural approach to winemaking that belongs to the area for centuries and characterized by minimal intervention in the vineyard, spontaneous fermentation of indigenous grapes, unfiltered and low sulfite wines, produced in limited quantity while respecting nature and traditions.

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