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Champagne Paul Goerg Rosé Brut Premier Cru NV
$38 $75 Retail 50 percent off
Champagne Paul Goerg Rosé Brut Premier Cru NV  - Last Bubbles

Champagne Paul Goerg Rosé Brut Premier Cru NV Champagne Paul Goerg is a chardonnay-specialist in the Côte des Blancs – accounting for 87% of their plantings (and 90% of this blend!) This is a simply fantastic Brut Rosé, and not to be missed!

$38 $75 Retail 50 percent off
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Champagne Paul Goerg Rosé Brut Premier Cru NV  - Last Bubbles
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Flavor Profile:  Korean pear, peach, strawberries, pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, and brioche

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Time on Lees:  3 years

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Dosage:  8 grams per liter

Why We Love It...

Premier Cru rosé is pretty rare for Champagne – especially one that is 90% chardonnay! The folks at Paul Goerg make their own Coteaux Champenois – a red still wine made from the 13% of their vineyards dedicated to pinot noir – to craft this bold and structured bubbly rosé. To be able to offer this at a gnat’s whisker below 50% off makes us giddy to our core… now it’s your turn!

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Champagne Paul Goerg has been located in Vertus, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, since 1950. They are named for a respected local winemaker, but in truth, the Goerg family has never been involved with the business. Rather, Champagne Paul Goerg is one of the rare multi-winemaker co-op houses in Champagne – formed when eight families of vintners from Vertus decided to join forces and pool their vineyards. The representatives of the Collard, Faucheret, Férat, Rogué, Grégoire, Doquet, Welsh, and Pougeois families still share a common passion for Champagne and are present on the company's Board of Directors to this day. While this unique partnership technically disqualifies them from the recoltant-manipulant title, and grower-producer status, they nevertheless own and farm the majority of their own vineyards, and always make their own cuvees – which we just can’t get enough of here at the office!

The 120 hectares of vineyards are mainly planted with chardonnay (87%), with the remaining 13% dedicated to pinot noir. While their blanc de blancs cuvées are indeed spectacular – it was their rosé that really grabbed our attention as something uniquely delicious. The secret lies in the atypical dominance of chardonnay, clocking in at 90% of the blend, with the ample, deep raspberry color provided by a scant 10% pinot noir. This glamorous and amorous bubbly whispers elegantly of Korean pear, white peach, alpine strawberries, pomegranate, Cara Cara orange, and Ruby Red grapefruit – all classically buttressed with a bit of buttery, toasted brioche. The three years spent on the lees provides a creamy richness to pad the mineral backbone and add weight to the bright, buoyant finish.

This has been a favorite Champagne rosé for a few years running, and at a stunning 49.333% off – one that you’ll want in great supply!

Technical Details




AppellationCôte des Blancs

VarietalChampagne Blends

Blend90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir

WinemakerDamien Cambres


Pair it withRoasted salmon with morel mushrooms and peas

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