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Vinovore Pét-Nat Two Pack
$38 $64 Retail 41 percent off
Vinovore Pét-Nat Two Pack  - Last Bubbles

Vinovore Pét-Nat Two Pack Over 40% Off Killer Pet-Nat!

$38 $64 Retail 41 percent off
FREE Ground Shipping on 3 or more bottles.
Vinovore Pét-Nat Two Pack  - Last Bubbles
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Time on Lees:  10 months

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Dosage:  Electric LIghtning: 3 grams per liter, Desert Nights: 2 grams per liter

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Farming Method: Organic Practices

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Coly's Quick Thoughts:  The winemaking process is so unpretentious, pure, and surrounded with so much passion and dedication. My mind was blown! Not only was wine for me, but it was for everyone and I felt a strong drive to get the message out.

Why We Love It...

Alright party people, it is definitely the summer of fun here at Last Bubbles HQ, and we’ve been popping pét-nats like a toddler pops bubble wrap… that is to say, incessantly!  

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Ok, I personally received no less than three disappointed texts from friends and colleagues when we sold out of Vinovore’s booty-kicking “Cosmic Juice” in mere minutes last week. So, we’re back with more irresistible and supremely quaffable pét-nat – double the wine, double the fun! For y’all that missed it… Vinovore is a rather eclectic Socal based Silver Lake shop born in 2017 that features wines exclusively from female winemakers (amongst other things). They custom bottle a few wines under their own house label, selling most of those on-site and through their wine club. These pét nats were made by shop owner/founder Coly Den Haan… We copped all we could of their simply tasty, easy sipping white and rosé juice that we can’t stop pounding with reckless abandon! 

Made by the quixotic and eternally eminent Emilia-Romagna winery, Randi, you simply must taste this two-pack! Preferably one right after the other, or hey, if you’re feeling up to it… this is the perfect candidate for perfecting your double-fisted goblet curl. Feel the burn! A bit on each of the wines below, but don’t be left on the outside of scoring this epic two-pack… and the wisest amongst you will grab a few back-ups for savoring all summer long!

Vinovore Desert Nights 

Sweet honeysuckle and star jasmine, with oleander flowers and fresh cut grass on the nose. Flavors of peaches, white grapefruits, ground cherries, key lime, tarragon, orange creamsicle, and chervil. Warm and spicy on the finish, bright, electric acidity, with hints of wet slate.

Vinovore Electric Lightning 

We really can’t top Vinovore’s own description here: “Like riding a pink pony bareback through a sparkling rosé lightning storm. Naked.” But we will add notes of bruleed grapefruits, cinnamon red hots, orange and lemon gummies, lavender and rosemary – culminating in a bright, yeasty, and tingly finish.

Technical Details


RegionEmilia Romagna


BlendElectric Lightning - Longanesi/Desert Nights - Famoso

WinemakerColy Den Haan

Farming MethodOrganic Practices


Pair it withMore pét-nat! Let's make bad decisions!!!

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About the Producer

Randi is a family owned winery located in Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and run by mother and son. The estate has always been focused on sustainable agriculture and indigenous varietals and is now practicing organic farming. The Vinovore collection is focused on Ancestral methods of production, a natural approach to winemaking that belongs to the area for centuries and characterized by minimal intervention in the vineyard, spontaneous fermentation of indigenous grapes, unfiltered and low sulfite wines, produced in limited quantity while respecting nature and traditions.

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