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Vina Štoka Vitovska Penece Pet 'Nat 2021
$24 $35 Retail 32 percent off
Vina Štoka Vitovska Penece Pet 'Nat 2021  - Last Bubbles

Vina Štoka Vitovska Penece Pet 'Nat 2021 Over 30% Off Fun Slovenian Bubbly!

$24 $35 Retail 32 percent off
FREE Ground Shipping on 4 or more bottles.
Vina Štoka Vitovska Penece Pet 'Nat 2021  - Last Bubbles
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Flavor Profile:  Pomelo, honeydew melon, salted plum, lemon thyme, and basil

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Dosage:  1.8 grams per liter

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Farming Method: Organic Practices

Why We Love It...

Wow! This is a cool one. The Stoka family (pronounced Shtoe-kah) has grown the native red and white grapes of the Kras (kraush) for over 200 years! This is one of the most extreme terrains anywhere in the grape growing world – filled with sinkholes, endless caverns, and howling winds (known as the “Burja”) – all in all not where you’d think to find vineyards. What a trip! And the wine is sooo much fun!

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Just five kilometers north of Trieste, along the Slovenian/Italian border region of the Kras, or “Carso” as it is called in nearby Italy – you’ll find these vineyards. This is Europe’s first cross border wine region – though with a total planted area of only 600 hectares, we’ll forgive you if you aren’t intimately familiar with it. The ancient oak forests that once dominated the region were pillaged by the Venetians and used to build ships, as well as the city of Venice. The rampant deforestation, coupled with the roaring Burja winds essentially stripped away any viable topsoils – to the extent that the remaining population would have to carry pockets of earth to enclosed parcels, protected by stone walls, in order to grow food and grapes.

The grape here is vitovska (vee­toev­shka) – believed to be an ancient cross between Prosecco’s glera grape and malvasia bianca. Harvesting is all done by hand, then destemmed, and macerated for 8 days before pressing. The juice then undergoes a long and slow native fermentation in large oak barrels. A small portion of the juice spends some 10 months on the skins, to be blended back into the finished wine. The wine is bottled under bottle cap to undergo its fizzy formation, then disgorged once to relieve a little pressure (ever seen a pet nat explode?), and then capped again. 

The wine is a pale straw yellow, with pet nat’s typical cloudiness. Flavors and aromas of pomelo, honeydew melon, and salted plum – with additional nuances of lemon thyme, basil, grapefruit zest, and a crunchy, chalky minerality. There is a lot going on – but this is straight up drinkable, too. Just a fun, thought-provoking wine that should be shared freely and discussed at great length (in a nonchalant, wistfully philosophical sort of way).  Not much, so don’t miss out!

Technical Details






WinemakerPrimož Štoka

Farming MethodOrganic Practices

Oak100% Barrel


TA5.21 g/L

Pair it withFrika – the Slovenian potato and cheese “omelette” served throughout the region.

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